About the Core

In late July 2017 this website will be retired and will no longer be accessible – Much of the content will be integrated into the redesigned iwri.org. Stay tuned...

The primary objective of the IWRI Research Training and Education Core is to develop a cadre of outstanding American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) scholars involved in research and leadership roles related to improving health status and reducing health disparities among AIAN populations. -excerpt from funded research proposal

We aim to achieve this objective by:

  • Developing Core faculty leadership in growing and maintaining training and education partnerships within the institute and beyond.
  • Expanding and enhancing the health disparities research training at IWRI to prepare AIAN and students and faculty form other communities experiencing health disparities for careers in Indigenous health and health disparities research.
  • Developing a training program in culturally relevant health disparities research that provide interdisciplinary training on cutting edge conceptual models, research methods and ethical research practices for students, faculty , and community partners.

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